Who Are We?

At Texas State Pizza we offer pizza that really is the best thing since sliced bread, combining great food with amazing customer service. Eager to cater to our hungry customers we have devised an incredible menu that speaks to everyone’s pizza preferences. Attracting meat-lovers as well as Veggies we like to get creative with toppings, with our food ranking slices above any other takeaway choice.

All about that base

Our pizzas contain the finest ingredients we can find, renowned for their flavoursome nature. Making our own, delicious bases in-house, we offer a truly unique takeaway, being one of the only pizza joints working with fresh, hand-stretched dough. 
Melting both cheese and hearts our pizzas are prepared and handled by a convoy of food geniuses, or as we like to call them ‘Slicers’!

Order A Texas State Pizza

Placing an order takes just 30 seconds through our new ordering system and you can track your pizza’s progress. Order today and make use of our daily promotions!

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